Hosting the ESW

If you are interested in hosting please get in contact with the ESSB Chairperson.

The host is asked to meet the following general requirements about the European STAMP Workshop:
  • The venue shall be easy to reach from abroad
  • The conference fee shall not exceed 220,- Euros for a regular participant
  • Reduced fees shall be available for students
  • The workshop shall feature oral and poster presentations
  • In addition to presentations the authors shall have the option to contribute with full papers
  • Full papers shall be included in proceedings to be published in an open-access journal with DOI by the host
  • If the host is not an academic institution it shall have at least one partner from academia
  • The workshop shall feature at least two days single stream presentations, including at least one keynote
  • The workshop shall feature at least half a day tutorial/introduction
  • The workshop shall take place in Q3/Q4 of the year without conflicting other STAMP Workshops
Appreciated is:
  • A conference dinner
  • Advise on hotels
  • Making the workshop organization material available for future hosts
The fulfillment of the above requirements are open for discussion with the ESSB.