Call for Participation

STAMP is a new accident causality model based on systems theory and systems thinking. Detailed descriptions and applications can be found on Prof. Nancy Leveson's website: In particular her book "Engineering a safer world" is recommended.

The target of STAMP is based on the integration of new causal factors such as human-decision making, organizational design in the hazard analysis. STAMP is divided into two parts. Whereas STPA is a hazard analysis technique based on STAMP, CAST is the equivalent for the accident/incident analysis technique.

After the success of the first workshop at the MIT in 2012, the Institute for Traffic Safety and Automation of the Technische Universität Braunschweig and the Institute of Software Technology of the University of Stuttgart in cooperation with the MIT will held a European STAMP workshop.

We invite practitioners, researchers and consultants to participate in the workshop. The format will be likewise to the previous one at MIT. The session will start with presentations of experiences/ lessons learned/challenges in using STAMP/STPA/CAST. Afterwards tutorials based on the different experience levels will take place. Furthermore we would like to do a session on possible joint projects evaluating the application of STAMP in academic and industry projects.